Where are the games played? For our MVP and U6 leagues, all of the games and training sessions are at Jones Bridge park.  For U8 and up teams, games are played at Jones Bridge, and a few other fields (including Peachtree Ridge Elementary, Shakerag Fields, etc.).  While we try to have an equal amount of home/away games, due to scheduling conflicts, field availability, and referee assignments, this is not always possible.

Do I need to buy a new uniform every year? It depends!  MVPs do not have a uniform. Every player older will have two jerseys, blue and white. Depending on the size of jersey or child's growth, you will not be required to purchase a new jersey every year. New uniforms do not need to be purchased unless/until the player outgrows the jersey or wears it out or if the uniform provider no longer offers the style of uniform at which point it will be a club wide change. This might happen every 2-4 years.

Do you offer multiplayer/family discounts? We do not offer multiplayer or family discounts.  Volunteer coaches do receive a discount in the following seasons.

Who picks the practice times? Because we rely on volunteer coaches for the majority of our teams, we allow our coaches to pick practice times that work best with their schedules.  We make every effort to accommodate players/teams when it comes to assigning teams and schedules.

I requested a specific teammate but didn’t get her, how come? While we make every effort to honor all of these requests, sometimes due to roster size, player age, or additional factors, it is outside our ability.


What is the MVP Program (do they play games)? Our MVP program is a Saturday morning session with our professional coach/trainer.  It is 8 weeks of 45 minute training sessions for beginning players to learn the elements of the game.  While they will not play in organized games, there will be lots of soccer-type games with an emphasis on learning and having fun.


Additional questions?  Click the “contact us” tab and send an email.

What are U6/U8 practices like (and when)?  The U6 and U8 players will work with a professional coach for one training session per week, in a pool-style practice.  They will train with other players their age, though not necessarily on their teams. We offer two one-hour practice sessions per age group to choose from that work best for your schedule.  U8 teams have an additional hour of training with their team/coach during the week.